WHT005227 内六角圆头/半圆头螺栓 M6X12

-63 %
WHT005227 内六角圆头/半圆头螺栓 M6X12
WHT005227 内六角圆头/半圆头螺栓 M6X12
WHT005227 内六角圆头/半圆头螺栓 M6X12
Standard price 不含增值税 1,53 $
您可节省 0,97 $ 63 %
0,56 $ 不含增值税
生产商Genuine Volkswagen group part
保修24 月
重量0,01 公斤
曲柄箱 06H103011AN
5 283,63 $4 366,64 $ 不含增值税
曲柄箱 06H103011AP
5 256,03 $4 343,83 $ 不含增值税
轴密封环 06H103085J
16,49 $13,63 $ 不含增值税
管 06H103199K
18,99 $15,69 $ 不含增值税
油分离器 06H103464L
194,87 $161,05 $ 不含增值税
密封件 06H103517D
12,15 $10,04 $ 不含增值税
皮带轮 06H103731G
33,70 $27,85 $ 不含增值税
齿形皮带护罩 06H109121G
63,84 $52,76 $ 不含增值税
平衡轴 维修套件 06H198205M
428,86 $354,43 $ 不含增值税
平衡轴 维修套件 06H198205N
428,86 $354,43 $ 不含增值税
插入件 06J103138AE
34,09 $28,17 $ 不含增值税
油底壳下部件 06J103600AF
286,71 $236,95 $ 不含增值税
WHT005227 内六角圆头/半圆头螺栓 M6X12
Important notes
Engine specifications
Engine code  Date of production   Engine capacity  KW  HP  Cylinders  Remark 
CBUA01/2008-06/20092, 51251705SRE
CAYB03/2011-04/20151, 666904TDI CR
BWS02/2008-01/20123, 62203006FSI
CGRA07/2014-03/20183, 62062806FSI
CAYC11/2009-03/20131, 6771054TDI CR
CDVB08/2015-01/20193, 62062806FSI
CMTA07/2014-03/20183, 61832496FSI
CDHA06/2008-03/20121, 8881204
CDHB09/2009-03/20121, 81181604
This part fits into 288 vehicle models. Check the section "Fit these cars"
Additional informations
PR-CODE   Informations  
1ZDDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
1ATElectronic Stability Control (ESC)
EL3Online service, without OCU, with head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
G1G8-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
7MREmission standard PL6 BR
TV912-cylinder SI engine 6.3 l unit 07P.C
TK84-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 04E.D
1ZNDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
A8SStandard equipment
QG2No possibility of activating service interval prolongation
9ZEComfort telephone system
D934-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 l/125 kW 4V TDI common rail base engine is TG3/TH3/TL4/TM4/TP4/TU3
1LUDisk brakes in front
7KZInstallation differentiation for build status of supply scope Still Co.
2EADisk brakes in rear
1ZEDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
3FTConvertible top/folding top, powered
TH16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.K
1LLDisk brakes in front
G1A6-speed automatic transmission
G1CSeven-speed automatic transmission
7KYInstallation differentiation for build status of supply scope Linde Co.
D2S4-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l/88 kW (16V) TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TH2/TF6
TF64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06H.F
1ZFDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
TE58-cylinder diesel engine 4.2 l unit 057.D
TQ34-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.L
7L3Without start/stop system without regenerative braking
1KXDisk brakes in rear (Geomet D)
TA16-cylinder diesel engine 2.7 l unit 059.F
2EFDisk brakes in rear
TD14-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 04L.C
TN88-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.F
1APElectronic Stability Control (ESC) with electromechanical brake booster
1KVDisk brakes in rear (Geomet D)
GP4Vehicles with special upgrade measures
TF34-cylinder diesel engine 1.6 l unit 03L.1
TL64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06H.H
TD512-cylinder diesel engine 6.0 l unit 05A.A
D2D4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/155 kW 16V turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TM2/TV2/TG6/TJ6/TD6/TP6/TL5/TL6/TI6
2EMDisk brakes in rear
1KEDisk brakes in rear
D4R4-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l/103 kW 16V TSI TC w/ supercharger and turbocharger base engine is TF0
7MNEmission standard EU2 for Japan
7KWInstallation differentiation for build status of supply scope Jungheinrich Co.
1VGInstallation parts for four-cylinder engine
D924-cyl. turbo dies. eng. 2.0 l/105 kW 4V TDI common rail base engine is TH3/TG3/TM4/TP4/TP5
TJ24-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.1
6X4Entry handle on A pillar on driver and front passenger side
D4P4-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l/125 kW 16V TSI TC w/ supercharger and turbocharger base engine is TF0
1ZTDisk brakes in front
D674-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l/118 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine TJ2/TT2/TE6/TH2/TF6/TW2/TH6
A8UExecutive US equipment
0Y5Cold and tropical climatic zones (China)
1ACAnti-lock brake system (ABS)
M924-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l/112 kW 16V turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TJ2/TE6
QG0Without service interval prolongation
0N1Standard rear axle
3FMCanvas convertible top
TB95-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l unit 07K.3
2EKDisk brakes in rear
3SJ2-seater bench in cab, right
G0K6-speed manual transmission
D2L4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/147 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous, base engine is T59/T61/TQ2/TU2/TD6/TN6/TL5/T6E
1LKDisk brakes in front
TF04-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.H (aluminum)
2ELDisk brakes in rear
DF04-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/118 kW 4V TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TM6
1K0Without clutch actuation
TE64-cylinder SI engine 1.8 l unit 06J.3
TA06-cylinder SI engine 3.6 l unit 03H.Z
TE16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.G
1LADisk brakes in front
9VEDigital sound package
1LWDisk brakes in front
1LQDisk brakes in front, with integrated backing plate
L0LLeft-hand drive
L0RRight-hand drive
EL0Without online service
T8T8-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.A (aluminum)
3FNCanvas convertible top, power-operated
TC66-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l unit 06E.C
1KRDisk brakes in rear
TB84-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06G.E
7K6Indirect tire pressure monitoring system
7GBEmission standard ULEV2
T534-cylinder SI engine 1.6 l unit 06A.S (aluminum)
1LXDisk brakes in front
1KTDisk brakes in rear (Geomet D)
T8K5-cylinder SI engine 2.5 l unit 07K.1
TW04-cylinder SI engine 1.2 l unit 03F.B
1KDDisk brakes in rear
7L8Start/stop system with regenerative braking
1KFDisk brakes in rear
1KSDisk brakes in rear (Geomet D)
TQ24-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.B
1ASElectronic Stability Control (ESC)
TM44-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.M
4X3Side airbag in front, with curtain airbag
1LVDisk brakes in front
TK78-cylinder SI engine 4.2 l unit 079.D (aluminum)
D694-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/155 kW hybrid, turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is TC8/TH5
1ZKDisk brakes in front
1KUDisk brakes in rear
1LGDisk brakes in front
3TJ2-seater bench in cab, left
2EGDisk brakes in rear
1LJDisk brakes in front
9M9Fuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control
QG1Service interval prolongation
TP44-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.P
TG16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.J
T4I4-cylinder SI engine 1.6 l Unit 04E.5
0Y2Tropical zones
1LNDisk brakes in front
1KZDisk brakes in rear
7L6Start/stop system with regenerative braking
1ZCDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
T416-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.D
1X1Four wheel drive
0Y4Cold and tropical climatic zones (US)
F4SArmored vehicle
TG64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06H.G
TH34-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.B
D4L4-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l/118 kW 16V TSI TC base engine is TF0/TU1
GP1Vehicles with special upgrade measures
G1D7-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
D644-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/132 kW (16 V)turbo FSI, homog. b. engine T4U/T56 TM2/TV2/TL6/TG6/TR6/TS6/TD6/TM6/T06/TD3
6NTMolded headliner
1KYDisk brakes in rear
1KWDisk brakes in rear
TU710-cylinder SI engine 5.2 l unit 07L.Y (aluminum)
6X2Entry grab handle (front passenger side)
TX712-cylinder SI engine 6.3 l unit 07P.A
7ALAnti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring, backup horn, and towing protection
TU04-cylinder SI engine 1.4 l unit 03C.K
TF16-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.H
0N44-link rear suspension
D6G4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/125 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous base engine is T61/TQ2/TD6/TN6/T2K
1ZPDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
0GTEmission standard SULEV
1ZADisk brakes in front
1ZSDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
1ZGDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
1LCDisk brakes in front
TV78-cylinder SI engine 4.0 l unit 079.E
1ZMDisk brakes in front (Geomet D)
0F3Fuel system for diesel engine
D604-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/162 kW (16V) turbo FSI, homogeneous, base engine is T61/TW6/TP6/T1P/TA9,TL6/TG6/TA2/TI6
2EDDisk brakes in rear
GP2Vehicles with special upgrade measures
9ZXMobile phone preparation
0Y1Standard climatic zones
D904-cyl. turbo diesel engine 2.0 l/88 kW (4V) TDI common rail base engine is TH3/TW1/TQ4/TM4/T0N
TL44-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 l unit 03L.L
D086-cylinder SI engine 3.0 l/200 kW (24V) TFSI, homogeneous base engine is TC6/TM8
1X0Front wheel drive
TD64-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l unit 06J.D
0Y3Cold zones
2EEDisk brakes in rear
1KJDisk brakes in rear
1LFDisk brakes in front
1LPDisk brakes in front

N 10465701, N 10465702, N 91073301, N10465701, N10465702, N91073301


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HS CODE8708999790
Category 3NNA
Dimension1,7 x 1,5 x 1,5
生产商Genuine Volkswagen group part
United States
South Africa
生产商 型号
Audi A1/S1 8X 2011-2014
Audi A1/S1 8X 2015-2018
Audi A1/S1 GB 2019 -
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8P 2008-2013
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8V 2015-2016
Audi A3 Cabriolet 8V 2017-2021
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8P 2009-2013
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8V 2013-2016
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8V 2017-2020
Audi A3 Saloon/Sportback 8Y 2020 -
Audi A4 Allroad Quattro 8K 2010-2016
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2008-2012
Audi A4/S4/Avant/Quattro 8K 2013-2015
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8F 2010-2011
Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet 8F 2012-2017
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2008-2011
Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2012-2016
Audi A6 Allroad Quattro 4F 2007-2011
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4A 2019 -
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4G 2011-2014
Audi A6/S6/Avant/Quattro 4G 2015-2018
Audi A7 Sportback 4G 2011-2014
Audi A7 Sportback 4G 2015-2018
Audi A7 Sportback 4K 2019 -
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4E 2004-2007
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4H 2010-2013
Audi A8/S8 Quattro 4H 2014-2017
Audi Q2 GA 2017-
Audi Q3 8U 2012-2014
Audi Q3 8U 2015-2018
Audi Q3 F3 Sportback 2019 -
Audi Q5 8R 2009-2012
Audi Q5 8R 2013-2017
Audi Q5 FY 2017
Audi Q5 FY Sportback 2018 -
Audi Q7 4L 2007-2009
Audi Q7 4L 2010-2015
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2007-2012
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 42 2013-2015
Audi R8 Coupe/Spyder 4S 2016-
Audi RS3 Sportback 8P 2011-2013
Audi RS3 Sportback 8V 2016
Audi RS3 Sportback 8V 2017 -
Audi RS4/Avant quattro 8K 2013-2016
Audi RS5 Coupe/Cabriolet Quattro 8F 2013-2016 Cabriolet
Audi RS5 Coupe/Sportback 8T 2010-2016 Coupe
Audi RS6/RS6 plus/Avant Quattro 4G 2013-2018
Audi RS7 Sportback 4G 2014-2018
Audi RSQ3 8U 2014-2018
Audi RSQ3 F3 Sportback 2020 -
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2007-2010
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2011-2014
Audi TT/TTS Coupe/Roadster FV 2015-
Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster 8J 2010-2014
Audi TTRS Coupe/Roadster FV 2017-
Seat Alhambra 71 2011-2015
Seat Alhambra 71 2016-
Seat Altea 5P 2004-2006
Seat Altea 5P 2007-2010
Seat Altea 5P+ 2011-2013
Seat Altea 5P+ 2014-2015
Seat Arona KJ 2018 -
Seat Ateca KH 2016-
Seat E-Mii KE (2020 - )
Seat Exeo 3R 2009-2014
Seat Ibiza 6F 2013 - 2016
Seat Ibiza 6J 2009-2011
Seat Ibiza 6J 2012-2015
Seat Ibiza 6L 2006-2010
Seat Ibiza 6P 2016-2017
Seat Ibiza KJ 2018 -
Seat Leon 1P 2006-2010
Seat Leon 1P 2011-2013
Seat Leon 5F 2013-2016
Seat Leon 5F 2017-2020
Seat Leon KL (2020 - )
Seat Mii KF 2012-2019
Seat Tarraco KN (2019 - )
Seat Toledo 5P 2005-2009
Seat Toledo KG 2013-2015
Seat Toledo KG 2016-2019
Skoda Citigo NE (2020 - )
Skoda Citigo NF 2012-2020
Skoda Enyaq 5A (2021 - )
Skoda Fabia (India) 5J 2009-2014 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 54 2011-2015 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Fabia 58 (2010 - 2014)
Skoda Fabia NJ 2015- Saloon/Estate
Skoda Kamiq NW (2020 - )
Skoda Karoq ND 2018-
Skoda Kodiaq NS 2017-
Skoda Kodiaq NV 2018 -
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2004-2008 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 1Z 2009-2013 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 5E (2018 - 2021)
Skoda Octavia 5E 2014-2017 Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia 5E 2017- Saloon/Estate
Skoda Octavia NN (2020 - )
Skoda Rapid (India) 5J 2012-
Skoda Rapid NA (2012 - )
Skoda Rapid NH 2013-
Skoda Scala NW 2019 -
Skoda Superb 3T 2008-2013 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3T 2014-2015 Sedan/Estate
Skoda Superb 3V 2015- Sedan/Estate
Skoda Yeti 5L 2010-2013
Skoda Yeti 5L 2014-2018
Volkswagen Amarok 2H 2010-2012
Volkswagen Amarok 2H 2013-2016
Volkswagen Amarok S6 2017-
Volkswagen Ameo 63 2017-2020
Volkswagen Arteon 3H 2017-
Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport CM 2020-
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 5C 2013-2016
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio 5C 2017-2019
Volkswagen Beetle 5C 2012-2016
Volkswagen Beetle 5C 2017-2019
Volkswagen Caddy 2C 2011-2015
Volkswagen Caddy SA 2016-2020
Volkswagen Caddy SB 2021-
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2010-2011
Volkswagen Camper 7E T5 2012- 2015
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2008
Volkswagen Camper 7H T5 2009-2010
Volkswagen Camper SG T6 2016-2019
Volkswagen Camper SH 2020-
Volkswagen Camper SJ 2020-
Volkswagen Crafter SC 2017-Commercial vehicle
Volkswagen Crafter SZ 2017-BUS
Volkswagen E-Crafter SX 2019 -
Volkswagen e-Golf 5G 2014-
Volkswagen Eos 1F 2009-2011
Volkswagen Eos 1F 2011-2016
Volkswagen e-UP! BL 2014-2016
Volkswagen e-UP! BL 2017-
Volkswagen Gol 5U 2009-2011
Volkswagen Gol 5U 2009-2011
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2006-2007 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 1K 2008-2009 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5G 2013-2017 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5G 2017-2018
Volkswagen Golf 5G 2018 -
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2009-2011 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf 5K 2012-2013 Saloon
Volkswagen Golf AJ 2010-2014 Estate
Volkswagen Golf AU 2016
Volkswagen Golf BA 2014-2017 Estate
Volkswagen Golf BE 2014-2021
Volkswagen Golf BX 2016
Volkswagen Golf CD 2020
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 51 2012-2016
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 5K 2012-
Volkswagen Golf Plus 52 2009-2011
Volkswagen Golf Plus 52 2012-2014
Volkswagen Golf Plus 5M 2005-2007
Volkswagen Golf Plus 5M 2008-2009
Volkswagen Golf Sportvan AM 2014-2020
Volkswagen ID.3 E1 2020-
Volkswagen ID.4 E2 2021-
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 16 2011-2014
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 16 2015-2018
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2008
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro 1K 2006-2011 USA
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro AV 2013-2014 Russia
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro AV 2015-2018
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro AY 2014 Malaysia
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro AY 2015-2018
Volkswagen Jetta/Syncro BU 2020-
Volkswagen Marine Engine 2002 - 2016
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 35 2009-2012
Volkswagen Passat CC/CC 35 2012-2017
Volkswagen Passat 36 2011-2015
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2006-2007
Volkswagen Passat 3C 2009-2011
Volkswagen Passat 3G 2015-
Volkswagen Passat A3 2013-2015 USA
Volkswagen Passat A3 2015- USA
Volkswagen Phaeton 3D 2011-2016
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 60 2010-2014 (Malaysia/India)
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 60 2015-(India)
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2010-2014
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2013-2014
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 6R 2015-
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback 9N 2009-2010
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 60 2010-2014 Notchback (Malaysia/India)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 60 2015- Notchback (India)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 61 2011-2015 Notchback (Polo Russia)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 61 2015-2020 Notchback (Polo Russia)
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 64 2013-
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6C 2015-2018
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6R 2010-2012
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 6R 2013-2014
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant 9N 2009-2010
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant AW 2018-
Volkswagen Polo Sedan/Classic/Notchback/Variant CK 2020-
Volkswagen Polo/Derby/Vento - IND 6R (2013 - ) "MAL"
Volkswagen Saveiro 5U 2010-2011
Volkswagen Saveiro 5U 2012-2013
Volkswagen Scirocco 13 2009-2014
Volkswagen Scirocco 13 2015-2018
Volkswagen Sharan 7N 2011-2016
Volkswagen Sharan 7N 2016-
Volkswagen Suran/Spacefox 5Z 2011-2014
Volkswagen T -Cross BF 2021-
Volkswagen T -Cross C1 (2019 - )
Volkswagen Teramont CA 2018 -
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace BW 2018 -
Volkswagen Tiguan 5N 2008-2011
Volkswagen Tiguan 5N 2012-2018 (North American Region)
Volkswagen Tiguan AD 2016-
Volkswagen Tiguan BT 2017-
Volkswagen Touareg 7L 2007-2010
Volkswagen Touareg 7P 2011-2012
Volkswagen Touareg 7P 2013-2014
Volkswagen Touareg 7P 2015-2018
Volkswagen Touareg CR 2018 -
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2003-2005
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2006
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2007-2008
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2009-2010
Volkswagen Touran 1T 2011-2015
Volkswagen Touran 5T 2016-
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7E 2010-2011
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7E 2012-2015
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7F 2010-2011 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7F 2012-2015 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7H 2008
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle 7H 2009-2010
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle SF 2016-2019 Flatbed
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle SG 2016-2019
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle SH 2020-
Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle SJ 2020-
Volkswagen T-Roc convertible AC 2020-
Volkswagen T-Roc A1 2018 -
Volkswagen Up! 12 2012-2016
Volkswagen Up! 12 2017-
Volkswagen Vento 60 2010-2014
N 10465701
N 10465702
N 91073301